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Dr. Orit R. Beitner

Nutrition and physical fitness can play a huge role in how you feel and how you function. If you are feeling a bit sluggish, want to get in shape, or need help managing blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, come to Museum Medical Institute.

Why Museum Medical is Different

Dr. Beitner takes a medical approach to understanding each patient’s well being through a thorough testing of the body’s chemistry, bone density, hormonal levels, blood count, and vitamin screening. For example, low thyroid levels can cause sluggishness and weight gain.  With extensive information about your body’s chemistry, Dr. Beitner can give an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan, and in some cases, find the early threat of disease before it is picked up in routine check-ups. With that approach guiding your treatment, Dr Beitner may find conditions or help ward off a major illness before it  become a detriment to your health.

A focus on the best you can be
When you come to Museum Medical Institute for a thorough general health physical, Dr. Beitner not only gives you nutritional counseling, but also will provide recommended weight-bearing exercises and stretches for specific body’s needs. Diet is discussed and a tailored plan is designed for your specific age, conditions and optimal health.

Diet and exercise play a major role in how you feel
We know that sometimes issues are difficult to pinpoint unless we ask the right questions, so we strive to do just that. Your symptoms may be related to everything from hormone deficiency to inadequate diet and vitamin intake. We work together in striving to find the root of your problem by providing:
      •  Comprehensive general check-ups
      •  Bone density scans
      •  Vitamin screening
      •  Chemistry and complete blood count

For women's healthcare services that are tailored to your needs, call us at 212-877-3120.

Weight Loss and Nutrition Counseling - New York, NY - Museum Medical Institute
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